Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been trying to get myself to blog some movie reviews, but just couldn't. Finally realised why: I didn't really have all that much to say about the movies I've watched in the past couple of weeks. So instead of a movie review, here's a snack pack of bite sized reviews :

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

Nice movie to watch; there were a number of elements that worked together well. The music was good, and the background score was also pretty decent. Looking forward to more stuff from Selvaganesh. A lot of fun moments in the movie, the tempo doesn't drop much. Casting is pretty good, a lot of new faces. My only qualm is the ending :  It was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. Having a melancholic ending isn't what makes a film good, and judging by the incongruity of this ending I'm guessing that's what the director thought. I don't regret watching it, I had a fun time. But wouldn't watch again.

TN 07 AL 4777 - TAXI

Hope I got the title right, typed that off memory. The random sounding title grabs attention, and I had some expectation for the film. The technical team for the film is very good, and the cut shots don't irritate unlike many recent movies. Vijay Anthony's background score is pretty sufficient for the film's subject. The scripting of the story is pretty weak, though. A lot of the screenplay falls apart due to cliche scenes and dialogues. Characterisation is very poor, and Pasupathy's character is confusing and I have no idea why does some of the things he does. By the end of the movie, it turns into a complete fable. The message is very contrived and irritating.  Heard that it's a remake of a Hindi movie, I have no idea how that movie was. Don't know how a popular movie can be remade and made into this. Completely annoying movie if you ask me.


Pretty nice movie to watch. The production values are good, and there seems to have been a significant budget, judging by the locales. Nowadays I just feel so good when I see a stylish movie that does not have any stupidly annoying cutshots. This multiple cutshot trend is something editor Anthony brought with him, but it's unfortunately something only Anthony can do properly. Most editors who imitate him create irritating sequences that hurt the eye. Even Anthony stumbles in some bad movies with immature cinematographers. Ayan scores in the department of cinematography and editing. The first stunt sequence in Congo is stunning, and is not far from the realism and pacing that u can see in some well made English movies. Harris Jeyaraj's background score is actually good. I can remember enjoying specific scenes, like the scene when the kanakku pillai is being interrogated; the flute piece was awesome. Tamanna's role was unnecessary, and the songs that she brought with her dragged the movie in some places. But I guess the movie would have been too serious without her role. There were some unnecesary double entendres that could have been avoided. The movie seems a bit too long towards the ending. Other than that, this is definitely a movie I don't mind watching again.